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Ubuntu, update my patience!

In failure,technology,ubuntu,Uncategorized,updates on September 9, 2010 by e1saman

In this life you cannot have everything, you have to choose what you can tolerate and what you cannot.

In this fashion I have chosen to use an open source OS (ubuntu); Controlling my system is really important for me. But sometimes the advantage can turn to disadvantage. Sometimes controlling your system can lead to a great loss of time, and then you have to think out of the box.

For the past six months I faced a lot of problems that ubuntu had with my system (new hardware you see), but what I cannot take any more is failures after updates which happen every single month (at least).
This time for no obvious reason the driver for my network card just broke overnight. But thisĀ  time I DO NOT HAVE the patience to investigate, so I tried to restore my backup which takes ages… This is no problem when someone else is paying for your time, but when you are a freelancer then it costs and maybe more than the laptop itself.