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Some interesting links on e-commerce and SMS

Premium SMS billing versus payment systems

Premium SMS billing while being very simple and quite widespread service today is still not a preferred payment option chosen by consumers who continue rely mainly on plastic cards, banking accounts and payment systems when they initiate any transactions online. Ecommerce Journal decided to compare the advantages and disadvantages of SMS billing versus those of payment systems or e-currency services.

Mobile marketing: opportunities for marketers in SMS

According to Deloitte, SMS texting features are more used by millennials (14-25 years old generation) – 86% of respondents are likely to use SMS.

SMS Marketing Helps eCommerce Firms, Expert Says

Text marketing to mobile phone users can help ecommerce merchants. mobileStorm is a marketing company that focuses on such text, or SMS, marketing services. mobileStorm’s CEO is Jared Reitzen, and we spoke with him about what, exactly, SMS marketing is and how it can assist ecommerce firms. Reitzen launched mobileStorm in 1999 and prior to that, he was CEO of Catalyst Music Group, an independent record label and new media company.

PayMate Founder Ajay Adiseshann on E-Commerce via SMS

Ajay Adiseshann is the founder and managing director of PayMate. He helped set up the company in May 2006. As managing director of PayMate, he is responsible for day-to-day operations, marketing, business development and overall strategy.